A couple nice reviews for His Fair Lady

When I googled myself this morning — yes, I do that — I found to my delight, two very nice reviews for my newest release His Fair Lady.

The first was from Jane at Dear Author. She says in part,

“I liked Josie from the start. She’s smart, not easily bowled over when a hot guy asks her out and makes Mark work to get her attention and a date. So sure, a bit of this is because she’s got a secret and hasn’t dated much but a lot is due to some inner quality I sense in her that won’t accept second best or anyone only trying to see if he can get in her pants. My thoughts were validated later in the story when she verbally lets Mark have it after All Is Revealed and he panics. She does cry but only after a few choice shouted lines calling Mark on his cowardice.

Mark’s not too bad either but did notice that he’s really not the “dog” mentioned in the blurb. Perhaps I wouldn’t have taken to his character quite as much if he had been but the fact is that his only offense in this department seems to be not being firm enough in ending an almost over relationship. Once his attention is caught by Josie though, he’s a goner. He presses, retreats slightly so as not to be thought a stalker, makes sure Josie gets home, sees her to her door, calls her mother “ma’am,” and behaves as if someone raised him right. But he’s not unbelievable either given that his dorm room is a pit, he cheerfully calls his friend and roommate an asswipe, and would gladly get Josie into bed if she’s willing.”

It was wonderful to see that Jane picked up on much of what I intended to get across with these characters. And she gave me a B! Thanks Jane.

The other review is from Cheryl at Top to Bottom. She says,

“This a great story to read; especially if you’re interested in reading a Transgender themed book, but haven’t.

I loved catching up with Chris and Kevin from Almost Heaven. He is Mark’s brother, with his lovely boyfriend. I would easily recommend these two books. Also, I would like to put a plug in for Kyle’s story to be told in the near future. He sure deserves his HEA!”

Thanks Cheryl! And you’ll be happy to know I am working on Kyle’s story as we speak.

Here are the links if you’d like to read the reviews in their entirety.


His Fair Lady by Kimberly Gardner