Dressed To Thrill

Dressed To Thrill


Dumped. Right before spring break. What rotten timing! Since the trip to Key West is already paid for, Oliver decides that he’ll go anyway. Who knows?

maybe he’ll meet a hot guy to make him forget his woes. Little does he suspect he’ll be drawn in both by the gorgeous locale and a sultry drag queen.

Drew knows he has what it takes to be a star. If he has to wear a skirt and stilettos to make it happen, so be it. He looks good as a woman. But then he

meets Oliver and has his doubts. He can’t tell this terrific new guy what he does in the evenings. Not when they’re having such a great time and not when

Oliver will be gone in a week. Given the circumstances, what’s the harm in a little white lie?

But plans change when secrets are revealed and both men’s deepest desires become their greatest thrills.